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  • Edna

    This chocolate is delicious, it's worth buying. It's one of the best chocolates I've ever tasted in my life.

  • Marcel

    The best place I know to go buy real chocolate. They have their own organic production chain and the quality of the chocolate is of another dimension. It has nothing to do with the chocolate you can buy in the supermarket.

  • Alex

    Very kind and helpful, the chocolate has excellent ingredients and a great variety of choices for every preference, making the product 100% sustainable.

  • Aitziber

    Since I discovered Organic Africa Chocolate, my perception of chocolate consumption has completely changed.

Freshness and quality

Our organic chocolate was launched in 2019 in Sierra Leone! Made with fresh organic cocoa beans, it's both delicious and healthy. Taste its freshness, with cocoa going straight from the plantations to the chocolate bar, creating the most delicious premium organic chocolate!

Added value for cocoa farmers

Farmers can produce more cocoa and get better prices when they produce organically. Our international team works with Daniel Scholler, a social entrepreneur who contributes to sustainable development and poverty reduction among small-scale organic cocoa farmers in Sierra Leone. His company has trained more than a thousand farmers to become organic producers. Together we are bringing the organic way of life to West Africa.