Entrevista Linda Koroma - Un gran pilar en OAC

Interview Linda Koroma - A great pillar at OAC

Meet Linda, a true fighter who has been working at Organic Africa Chocolate in Esplugues de Llobregat for two years. Originally from Sierra Leone, Linda has overcome many adversities before becoming an integral part of the OAC family. Customers love her for her dedication and versatility, from chocolate making to packaging, she does everything with passion. In this interview, we will explore her inspiring story of humble origins, her desire to improve, her role in OAC and her extraordinary effort to achieve success.

1. Linda, tell us a little about your story and how you became part of Organic Africa Chocolate.

I came to Organic Africa Chocolate (OAC) thanks to Father Fernando Aguiló. A doctor by profession, he was the one who attended my birth in Sierra Leone. Father Fernando dedicated two decades of his life as a missionary, helping the most disadvantaged in my country. My story with OAC began when I arrived in Barcelona in 2021. After several months working in various jobs, I decided to meet Father Fernando again. He told me about a social organization that produced healthy chocolate from organic cocoa beans from Sierra Leone. At that precise moment, I knew that my opportunity was there and without thinking twice, I went for it to join this wonderful family we formed.

Before meeting Sergio, who today I consider my leader and mentor, I already knew that OAC would be my home. OAC represents my roots and origin, and I am deeply proud to be its main representative and ambassador in Barcelona.

2. As a person who works in the Esplugues de Llobregat workshop, what is your day-to-day life at OAC and what is your favorite part of working here?

At Organic Africa Chocolate, I am in charge of chocolate production, packaging, stock management, orders from distributors and online sales. I also take care of the general organization of the store, customer service and chocolate tastings. I like to say that I serve at Organic Africa Chocolate because, for me, it is not a conventional job; I feel like I am helping and serving my country.

What I like most about the workshop is that it smells, sounds and has the same energy as Sierra Leone. Without a doubt, that is what I enjoy the most. I understand that each person carries their own burden, but when people enter the workshop, I make sure that they leave happier than they entered. That is my goal: to transmit the emotion, joy and love with which people live in my small country.

It fills me with satisfaction to know that our nutritious chocolates and my smile can make a difference in the daily lives of our clients. In a world where we all need more kindness and humility, I find contributing to that through our work deeply rewarding.

3. We have been told that you are very loved by customers and that you are a true expert in chocolate making and packaging. What inspires you to give your best in your work?

The faces of our consumers, some of whom we can almost call OAC fans, are a constant source of inspiration for me.

The Organic Africa Chocolate (OAC) team has been a fundamental pillar in my life. Thanks to them, I have evolved both personally and professionally. I have developed interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, as well as competencies related to sales and language proficiency.

When I came to OAC, interacting with clients was intimidating. She was very shy and reserved. However, now, I can consider many of our clients friends. Today, I know that if I had to present the project in an auditorium full of people, I would be able to do it. Linda laughs as she remembers her transformation: "I have gone from being a worm to becoming a butterfly and this metamorphosis has been made possible by a nurturing environment in which a sense of community and belonging is fostered ."

4. What does it mean to you to be part of the OAC family and how have you seen the company grow since you joined?

We are optimizing our internal production processes, which is reflected in greater efficiency. Customer retention is more effective, and we have recently launched our online store, which has allowed us to expand our shipments to the peninsula and some European countries. Through Veritas supermarkets, we are also consolidating our position in the market.

In short, the Organic Africa Chocolate family is progressively growing at all levels. This includes everything from our farmers in Sierra Leone to new collaborations with businesses, influencers and consumers here in Europe. Our organization is dedicated to empowering all links in the value chain, starting with the protection of communities in Sierra Leone, through caring for the planet and reaching the well-being of the users who consume our super chocolates. I feel very proud to be a small part of this significant project.

5. As a Sierra Leonean, how do you feel about contributing to the development and well-being of the communities in your country through work at OAC?

Grateful every day. Of all the wonderful countries in Africa, Sergio chose Sierra Leone for one fundamental reason, and that is that it is one of the most affected in the world in terms of resource scarcity. Today, nearly 3,000 farmers are associated with OAC, dedicating themselves to organic and sustainable agriculture . This means that at least 3,000 families have a decent and fair job, at least 3,000 families can take their children to school. That makes me happy.

OAC does not operate as an NGO that simply meets the needs of countries in extreme poverty. Instead, OAC offers education and training so farmers can lead their lives with dignity . "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime," Linda says determinedly. With an ethical and altruistic mission, we provide job opportunities to Sierra Leoneans. Chocolate is just an excuse to positively impact the life and future of an entire country.

6. What challenges have you faced along your path and what advice would you give to other people struggling to achieve their dreams?

I have lived in several African countries and, despite misery and difficulties, I have always moved forward with motivation and optimism. When I arrived in Spain, I had nothing. I worked cleaning houses and cooking for other people until my hands hurt. I started from the lowest step and, little by little, I built my own path. For me, there is no "dirty" job, they are all worthy and valid to earn their daily bread. Furthermore, no matter how small the job is, I always try to do my best to leave a positive mark wherever I go.

I firmly believe that attitude is a crucial factor in facing life. This will take us to many difficult places and situations, but only a positive and persistent attitude will allow us to stay where we should. Only then, one day, will we be able to look back and recognize everything we have achieved.

7. Finally, what message would you like to send to those who enjoy Organic Africa Chocolate products and want to support the work you do in Sierra Leonean communities?

For those of you who enjoy our chocolate, never lose your smile. We want to thank you, because although many of you may not be aware, every time you buy an OAC tablet you are supporting local farming communities in Sierra Leone. Your health is our priority , and that is why we dedicate body and soul to creating healthy and nutritious chocolates, without losing sight of sustainability, the planet and people.

Thanks again. OAC is a very ambitious project and we need your help to get off the ground and help more people in a country full of challenges and difficulties.

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